Carbon Tech - Heating Mat

The Carbon Tech V2 Heating Mat is designed to be particularly robust while also
providing an optimal heat distribution evenly over its entire surface.

  • Maintains patient temperature during anesthesia, so recovery is simple and safe
  • Gently warms the patient while minimizing the risk of burns
  • High density carbon fabric/flexible structure
  • Liquid-resistant coating that is soft and easy to clean
  • Integrated probe with temperature sensor
  • Integrated temperature limiter (107.6°F - 42°C)
  • 3 power levels: 50%, 80% and 100%
  • 5 years guaranteed from scratches and bites!

    Carbon Tech is available in the following widths:

       Code Dimensions
      MAT0344-V2 Cage Size - 20 x 24 in
      MAT0342-V2 Table Size - 20 x 44 in


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