About Us

Génia is a family-owned company headquartered in St. Hilaire de Chaléons, France, with over sixty years in the veterinary supply industry. Since it’s founding in 1945, Genia’s growth has been driven by innovation. Today, the company is a market leader offering specialized solutions to meet the needs of veterinarians world wide. 

Our branches in France, USA, Hong Kong, and Australia help us acquire top insight into the global veterinary market.  Our spearhead product was the cutting-edge Plexiglass syringe, Géniaplex.  Today, we manufacture over 2,500 premium SKUs under nine product ranges in over seventy-three countries.

In 2021, Genia acquired Mano Medical, a company with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing products for animal clinics including specialized equine solutions such as endoscopes and digital X-rays.

Our consistent goal is to provide veterinary professionals with quality products that elevate their practices, with an emphasis on improving the comfort and hygiene of the animal.

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